XGC Technology

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In addition to compilation systems, we offer several associated services.

Support Renewal

All compilation systems are supplied with twelve months support. For a project that lasts more than 12 months, we can extend the support contract in increments of 12 months, or offer support for the duration of the project

$Price: typically 30 percent of the compiler price, please ask for a quotation

Special Support

Where the standard support service is not appropriate, we are able to offer a support service to meet requirements. For example, once the version of the compiler used on a project is frozen, it is not appropriate to use a support service that offers updates to fix problems. In such a case we can offer a special support service, where we investigate problems and offer a workaround where possible.

$Price: typically 20 percent of the compiler price, please ask for a quotation


We offer training courses for Ada 95, and in the use the the XGC compiler. The training can be on site and can include up to 16 people.

$Price: please call for a quotation.

Custom Compilers

We are able to customize any product. We can also create new compilation systems to order.

$Price: please call.