XGC Technology

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From time to time we update one of our compilation systems or introduce a new product.  Updates and new products will be announced here.

Product Updates

  • ERC32 Ada Version 1.7.10
    Product Update
    Version 1.7.10 fixes several problems reported for Version 1.7.9. Licensed users can download the update from ftp.xgc.com/pub/m1750-ada.

  • M1750 Ada Version 1.7.10
    Product Update
    Coming soon

New Products

  • LEON Ada
    A new product
    We announce the first version of LEON Ada. Based on ERC32 Ada, this is a restricted Ada 95 compilation system for the new LEON microprocessor from ESTEC and Atmel. Two spacecraft products, the Atmel AT695E and AT695F are explicitly supported. See the technical summary. An evaluation copy of LEON Ada will be available in September 2008.


Release Notes