XGC Technology

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About XGC Technology

The XGC Technology business began in 1996 with a contract from the European Space Agency to develop a version of GCC for the 1750 spacecraft computer. This contract was extended to develop a C/C++ compiler for the ERC32.

GCC Compilers

The C and C++ compiler were released in 1998.

Ada Compilers

The first XGC Ada compiler was shipped in 1998. This was targeted to the Motorola M68000 family. Since then we have shipped Ada compilers for the MIL-STD-1750, the ERC32, and several custom targets.

Previous Experience

Our consultants have experience with the following:

  • Early 12-bit avionics systems
  • Coral 66
  • Pascal
  • XD Ada
  • IMA and APEX (ARINC 653)
  • Assembly language programming
  • Safety-critical applications
  • Spacecraft applications
  • Power station control systems

Above: ESA's GOCE spacecraft

GOCE successfully selected ERC32 Ada.

R&D Activities