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Our APEX technology is being developed now. We will offer:

  • Restricted Ada 95 with APEX tasking (call for timescale)
  • C and C++ with APEX tasking (special order)
  • A bare-board run-time system that support spatial and temporal partitions
  • A design partner service to develop device drivers and other system software
  • A third-party verification service to support certification

Version 1.5 and above compilers and run-time system are customized to support:

  • A new implementation-defined pragma Profile (APEX)
  • Updated task control blocks that support APEX processes and queues
  • Updated run-time system that supports:
    • dynamic priorities
    • time-outs on queues
    • memory block protection
    • task deadlines, periods and durations
    • fault logging

This technology will be fully compatible with the existing range of products. The partitioning run-time system could also support:

  • Restricted Ada 95 with Ravenscar tasking
  • C and C++ with POSIX Threads
  • Coral 66 with MASCOT (for legacy applications)


"The primary objective is to define a general-purpose APEX (APplication/EXecutive) interface between the Operating System (O/S) of an avionics computer resource and the application software. Included within this specification are the interface requirements between the application software and the O/S and the list of services which allow the application software to control the scheduling, communication, and status information of its internal processing elements."

ARINC Specification 653, Avionics Application Software Standard Interface

Copies of the APEX specification are available from ARINC.