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ERC32 Ada Support

ERC32 Ada Support includes the following:

·         The Software Problem Report (SPR) system

·         Help with installation problems

·         Help with using the toolset

·         Help with using the Ada 95 and C programming languages

·         Regular scheduled updates, typically once every six months, free of charge and offered for download from the Xgc ftp site

·         Participation in listing requirements for product updates

·         Participation in beta testing

The SPR system allows supported users to submit problem reports, via the Xgc web site, by email or by fax, and to get a quick response that fixes the problem, offers a workaround or offers an updated compiler where a workaround is not possible.

ERC32 Ada Support applies to one project at one site of up to six programmers with one point of contact. For larger projects or multi-site projects, please ask for a quotation.

The duration of the support contract is usually 12 months. Problems reported during that period and not fixed by the end of the period will be fixed without extending the agreement.

The compiler version covered by the ERC32 Ada Support is the latest binary version shipped or downloaded. Support for earlier versions is not covered by the standard agreement.

ERC32 Ada Support does not cover the source code of the toolset or any compilers not built by XGC.

ERC32 Ada Support does include support for the source code of the run-time system.

We aim to respond to problem reports by the end of the following business day. A fix or workaround will be provided within five business days. Where a problem requires an update to the compiler, an update will be available for download within one month.

August 17, 2008


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