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Custom Compiler Development

At XGC we specialize in compilers. Using our experience over many years, we can develop a compiler for you. This might be based on an existing product, or be a brand new product for a new target computer.

We have developed compilers, and their run-time systems, for Coral 66, Ada 95, C and C++, and other specialized languages. We have targeted popular microprocessors such as the Intel x86 range, the Motorola M68000 family. We have targeted spacecraft microprocessors such as the 1750, the ERC32 and the LEON. And we have built custom compilers for several specialized microprocessors (including safety-critical applications).

We have two technologies:

  • Using GCC and other open source tools as a basis
  • Our New technology, designed for safety-critical applications

Please call to discuss you requirements.

Case Studies

  • Ada 95 compiler for the HOLD V project (tbs)