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RosettaXGC Technology offers commercial off-the-shelf and custom compilation systems with high-performance bare-target run-times specially designed for mission-critical aerospace applications. You will find us on the ground, in the air, in space, in deep space, and orbiting Mars.

Professional development tools

Professional software development tools for embedded systems:

  • Modern high level programming languages (C C++ Ada95)
  • Embedded computers (MIL-STD-1750, Motorola 68K, SPARC, ERC32, LEON, Intel, custom targets...)
  • Real time systems with deadlines
  • Spacecraft applications (1750, ERC32, LEON)
  • Military and commercial avionics (Federated, ARINC 653, 178B)
  • Safety-critical with demonstrably-correct compiler

Standard Platforms

The host computers, on which the compilation system runs, are:

  • Sun SPARC Solaris, Version 2.6 and above
  • IBM PC Linux, with RedHat EL5 or similar
  • IBM PC Windows XP with Cygwin

Additional Targets

We can build a compiler (C, C++ or Ada 95) for almost any target computer. We are happy to support 8-bit or 16-bit architectures.

Customized Compilers

Any of our compilation systems can be customized to meet special requirements. For example:

  • to generate application-specific instructions
  • to generate new object code formats
  • to add custom Ada pragmas
  • to interface with third-party real-time kernels
  • to use coprocessor instructions

Coming Soon

LEON Ada will be available in September 2008. It will support the Atmel AT697, both 'E' and 'F' versions, with a toolset like that of ERC32 Ada.

Please see the LEON Ada Technical Summary.

New Technology

New technology Ada is under development. We will reveal a beta test version of M1750 Ada built using new technology later in 2008.

Please see New Technology

Evaluation Licenses

XGC Ada Version 1.7 is available for evaluation now. This new version adds local exception handling, static tagged types, more efficient run-time checks and a smaller run-time system. If you wish to evaluate one of our products,

Please see the evaluation page.