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LEON Ada is based on ERC32 Ada, but supports SPARC V8 rather than V7, and includes a brand new simulator for the AT697F.

LEON Ada comprises the following:

  • Mature Ada 95 compiler targeted to the AT697F and earlier AT697E
  • ANSI C compiler
  • SPARC V8 assembler
  • SPARC V8 linker
  • Object code utilities
  • LEON simulator, with
  • Symbolic debugger with simulator and on-line connection to remote target computer
  • Ada Library (libada)
  • C Library (libc)
  • Math library (libm)
  • Run-time system for bare board
  • Printed user manuals
  • CD-ROM with distribution files, user manuals, examples, demonstration, benchmarks and source code for libraries and run-time system
  • Twelve months support
  • Project license file

Optional Extras:

  • Validation Report
  • Source code for toolset on CD-ROM
  • Additional license files