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ERC32 Ada

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Ada 95 Compilation System for Mission-Critical Space Applications

Saab Ericsson DEM32

Using the GNAT Ada front end, and targeting the ERC32 spacecraft microprocessor, ERC32 Ada offers top performance for mission-critical applications.

ERC32 Ada Features:

  • Fast user-mode multi tasking
  • Compact run-time system
  • Suitable for mission-critical applications

See the Key Characteristics report for performance comparisons.

The standard target board is the Atmel ERC32 Starter Kit. This includes the Atmel TSC695 running at 20MHz with 4 M Bytes of fast RAM. ERC32 Ada also targets earlier chipsets such as the Temic CBA, CCA and CDA.

ERC32 Ada includes customized GNAT Ada front end and offers a restricted Ada 95 programming language suitable for mission-critical applications.

ERC32 Ada is shipping now, and is currently at Version 1.7.

For more technical information, see the ERC32 Ada Technical Summary.