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Privacy Policy

What personal information do we collect?

In general, people can visit our web site and access information while remaining anonymous and not revealing any personal information. At times, we will request information from you in order to provide you with relevant, desired information concerning products or services. Prior to collecting such information, we will explain the purpose for which the information will be used.

Before permanently exporting any product, we will ask for "end user" information. This is required by the UK Export Control Organisation and XGC will pass this information to them in order to get the necessary export clearance.

How will we protect your personal information?

We will take appropriate steps to protect the information you share with us. Whenever you give us sensitive information (source code, for instance), we will take commercially reasonable steps not to share this information unless you agree.

We welcome comments and questions on this policy

We are dedicated to protecting your personal information. Due to the rapidly evolving nature of technologies we use to communicate with you, we may occasionally update this policy. Notice of any revisions will be posted to this site. Any comments or questions regarding our privacy practices should be sent to support@xgc.com.