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Release Notes

These release notes apply to M1750 Ada Version 2a1. This is an ALPHA test product. it lacks functionality and is known to contain bugs. It therefore comes with no warranty whatsoever.

Download Instructions

Download the distribution file m1750-ada-2a1-cygwin.gz. This is the Windows version. It requires Cygwin and Windows XP. We have not tested with Windows Vista. You should check for later versions too.

Installation Instructions

Create a directory for the installation. You can locate this where you like. Copy the distribution file to the directory and un-tar it with the following command:

$ tar zxvf m1750-ada-2a1-cygwin.gz

This will create several sub-directories.

How to Compile the Demo

Change directory to 'demo', then type 'make'. This should compile the necessary files, and leave an executable file that you can run. To run that file, type 'make run'.

How to use the Compiler

If you wish to try your own examples, just include the names of all the source files on the command line.

In the following example, we assume the 'bin' directory is on your PATH.

$ m1750-ada t0.ada

This will compile the file 't0.ada' and create the executable file 'a.out'.

For more information, use the option '-h'. For reviews, use the option '-r?'. For profiles, use the option '-p?'.

Example of a Review

$ m1750-ada t0.ada -r bin
! Binary Program !

Contents of section .sect2:
00000000 8510 0000 4810 400e 85f0 ffff 7ef0 0021 ....H.@..ðÿÿ~ð.!
00000010 8110 8200 7703 8200 7703 8500 0003 7703 ....w...w.....w.
00000020 7ff0 8500 0004 7703 7ff0 8500 0005 7703 .ð....w..ð....w.
00000030 7ff0 8500 0006 7703 7ff0 8500 000a 7703 .ð....w..ð....w.
00000040 7ff0 7ef0 0024 7ff0 7ff0 .ð~ð.$.ð.ð

Review of Generate Machine Code

$ ../bin/m1750-ada.exe -c -r mac t0.ada 

! Machine Code !

1                                 .file "1"
2                         ! line 17
3                                 .text 
4                                 .globl t0
5                         t0:
6                         ! line 17
7                         ! line 20
8 000000/000000 7ff0              urs r15