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C/C++ Compilation system for 32-bit spacecraft microprocessor

Saab Ericsson DEM32 Board

Developed and supported under contract with the European Space Agency, GCC-ERC32 is a complete C/C++ software development system for the ERC32 spacecraft microprocessor. For performance information see Key Characteristics.

Key Features

  • Professional quality C/C++ compilation system
  • Affordable
  • Comprehensively supported
  • High performance
  • Easily customized to meet project requirements
  • Compatible with GCC-1750
  • Compatible with ERC32 Ada


  • Optimizing compiler that supports C and C++
  • Assembler
  • Linker
  • Object code utilities
  • Simulator (from ESTEC)
  • Symbolic Debugger
  • Run-Time System
  • ANSI C libraries libc and libm
  • POSIX Threads
  • Printed and on-line user documentation


Hosted on Sun SPARC Solaris, IBM PC GNU/Linux, and IBM PC Windows 2000.

What is the ERC32?

The ERC32 is a three-chip computing core implementing a SPARC V7 processor and associated support circuitry for embedded space applications. The integer and floating-point units (90C601E & 90C602E) are based on the Cypress 7C601 and 7C602, with additional error-detection and recovery functions. The memory controller (MEC) implements system support functions such as address decoding, memory interface, DMA interface, UARTs, timers, interrupt control, write-protection, memory reconfiguration and error-detection and reconfiguration. The core is designed to work at 25MHz, but using space qualified memories will limit the system frequency to around 15 MHz, resulting in a performance of 10 mips and 2 mflops.

A 35 MHz / 25 mips single-chip version of the ERC32 (TSC695E) replaces the three-chip set, and is available as a starter kit from Atmel (Temic Semiconductors).